How is a high fashion garment created? Marica’s story – part three

How is a high fashion garment created? Marica’s story – part three

The third step in the processing of a garment commissioned by the fashion industry is tailoring. To speak in first person and to describe her work experience within Moda & Servizi is Marica, responsible for the development of the prototype: the first dress ever made.

Hi everyone! I have been working in the Moda & Servizi workshops for almost 10 years. My function in the company is the development of the prototype, that is, the first real garment created, from the moment in which the designer draws the sketch and the pattern-makers prepare the necessary. Yes, I have the honour of developing the first dress of a collection and every model.

Do you find your job stimulating?

It is a job that gratifies me a lot, because I have the opportunity to integrate tailoring with a personal touch, following my pure creative instinct. The garment requested is not always perfect; there is always room to make some changes and improve it. In fact, every day I ask for advice from colleagues and pattern-makers in order to make changes; and in this way we propose to the designers the changes we consider most appropriate, according to our experience.

I can say that I have an active role in the company and for this I am satisfied with my work. I often interact with the client for a comparison of opinion and thanks to my almost ten-year experience in Moda & Servizi, I can assist with some of the tasks required in the company, helping my colleagues when they have particular needs or specific requests.

Tell us about your training

I’m a clothing freak. That’s why I dedicated my studies to this sector only: many years ago, I took an in-depth course to become a pattern-maker. But then I realized that my path was another: I like to actually create the garments, touch them with my hands and contribute directly in the field. And that’s how my major experience has been in Moda & Servizi, and day after day I continue to learn the art of this profession.

How much does personal taste affect your work?

I have had different working experiences in the sector, but they turned out to be light years away from what I do now. The field of clothing is actually very broad: from briefs, to coats, to t-shirts… I worked on fleeces, jerseys and very different kinds of clothes from those I create now.

I don’t particularly like outerwear and down jackets; I prefer elegant women’s outfits, where I can give space to my creativity. Some garments reflect my personal taste more, others don’t … but professionalism lies in knowing how to handle these situations too.

What convinces you to continue your experience in Moda & Servizi?

The relationship with the owners. Anita and Elisabetta are people who give me space and I have the freedom to express my opinions about the projects we are following. Being able to discuss the work is a fundamental aspect for me and for the success of my creations.

Irene Jesi

Moda & Servizi Ltd.

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