Moda & Servizi: the dedication of small Italian production

Moda & Servizi: the dedication of small Italian production

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What are the skills that transform Moda & Servizi’s work into a spearhead of Made in Italy manufacturing?

From the paper pattern to the tailoring of the prototype, each step of the production is closely followed by the specialized staff, with their origins in the Italian artisan tradition. Thanks to the deep knowledge of materials and the constant search for new experiments, Moda & Servizi works in the most varied range of fabrics: from silk to jeans, on jerseys and firm and elasticized sweatshirts, on technical fabrics, dropped and not-fully-fashioned knitwear, as well as lace.

The passion for manual skills already begins at the paper pattern design stage on the basis of the customer’s design, followed by consultancy on pattern-making in the process of defect removal, size development and the creation of the measurements table and the consumption sheet. Moda & Servizi also handles the cutting plan and marking, up to the tailoring of the prototypes, with the care and attention of expert hands. But the finished garment does not always represent the end of the production process; instead, it constitutes the starting point for second processing through treatments, inserts and applications, up to the maintenance and tailoring repair phases.

The expertise of Moda & Servizi is coupled with the desire to promote the craft dimension of the Treviso area: inserted in a network of collaboration between the Italian producers of the area, the company provides job opportunities through high-level manufacturing co-operations.

Irene Jesi

Moda & Servizi Ltd.